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3M Microfoam Surgical 3" Tape (Box of 4)
3M Microfoam Surgical 3" Tape (Box of 4)

3M Microfoam Surgical 3" Tape (Box of 4)

3M Microfoam Surgical 3" Tape (Box of 4)

3M Microfoam 3" foam surgical tape is designed to stretch and conform while providing secure adhesion to joints or skin folds. Microfoam Tape is Latex-free and hypoallergenic. Microfoam tape consists of closed-cell foam. This surgical tape has an all-direction stretch. It is water-resistant and highly conformable. It is excellent for securing dressings and compression applications in challenging areas because it conforms easily to joints or skin folds.
  • Manufacturer: 3M
  • Product Name: 3M Microfoam Surgical Tape
  • Product Number: 1528-3
  • MMO Product Number: 15283box
  • Size: 3 inch x 5-1/2 yard (stretched) [7,5cm x 5m (stretched)]
  • Packaging: Sold by Box of 4 Rolls
  • Color: White
Microfoam tape does not contain elastic. Microfoam tape has the advantages of all directional stretch (across, bias/diagonal, and length-wise) rather than the two dimensional stretch (diagonal and length-wise) of elastic tapes.

Unlike most other elastic tapes in this class, 3M™ Microfoam™ Surgical Tape Does Not Contain Either Rubber Latex Or Dry Natural Rubber As Components In The Product Or Its Packaging.

Microfoam tape's distinguishing characteristics are: (1) occlusive/water resistant and (2) stretch in all directions. The most common Microfoam tape applications are for compression dressings (post hip surgery, after femoral sheath removal), dressings over joints (shoulders, knees), occlusive dressings (around chest tubes or to secure dressing after chest tube removal).


  • Multi-direction stretch to accommodate swelling and promote comfort.
  • Conforms readily to joints and skin folds.
  • Gentle, secure adhesion to irregularly contoured sites.
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients.
  • Water-resistant.

Suggested Applications

  • Securing dressings on sites where movement is likely such as over joints and other challenging areas.
  • Securing compression dressings to assist in homeostasis or control edema (e.g., cardiovascular/angio sites, breast biopsies, orthopedic, thoracic and abdominal surgical dressings).
  • Provides cushioning as needed.

Product Content:
Closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam and hypoallergenic, pressure-sensitive, acrylate adhesive. 3M Microfoam tape is free of natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber as components in the product or packaging.

Storage/Shelf Life:
It is recommended that 3M surgical tapes be stored under normal conditions within the temperature range of 59 - 86ÁF (15 - 30ÁC). 3M Microfoam tape has a recommended shelf life of three (3) years under these conditions.

3M Microfoam tape rolls are sold non-sterile. Sterilization information and techniques may be obtained from 3M.

Manufacturer's Application Recommendations:
1) Always apply to clean dry surface.

2) To minimize adhesion, gently press or rub from center out to edges of tape.

3) To promote skin health, do not stretch or apply with tension over areas where tape will be adhering directly to skin.

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Microfoam tape is available in four sizes:

Midtown Health sells all four sizes either individually or by the box.

Midtown Health carries a full line of wound care products including, gauzes, tapes, sponges, specialty dressings, and wound cleaners.

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