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BSN-Jobst Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage (10cm x 10m)
BSN-Jobst Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage (10cm x 10m)
BSN-Jobst Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage (10cm x 10m)

BSN-Jobst Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage (10cm x 10m)

BSN-Jobst Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage (10cm x 10m)

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Comprilan® short stretch bandage measures 10 cm x 10 m and works on the principle of applying a low amount of pressure when the muscle is resting/not active.

When the muscle is active, such as the calf muscle when walking, the short stretch bandage applies resistance to the muscle, also known as working pressure. The resistance or working pressure applied by a Comprilan short stretch bandage occurs because of the bandages limited stretch characteristic.

  • Manufacturer's Name: BSN-Jobst
  • Product Name: Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage
  • Product Number: 77188-00
  • Size: 10 cm x 10m (3.9" x 10.9 yds.)
  • Packaging: 1 roll per box

Fixation clip contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Comprilan® can only stretch to 90% or less than 1 times its length. This is the opposite of a high stretch bandage which can stretch up to 3 times its length when extended. The short stretch characteristic allows for Comprilan&ref; to be worn during rest and activities.

Additional Information as Provided by the Manufacturer:

Indications of Use:

  • Venous ulcers
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Edema
  • Lymphedema
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Post sclerotherapy


  • The interlocking weave provides the short stretch characteristic to help ensure consistent compression
  • Provides high working pressure and low resting pressure
  • Anatomically conforming allowing freedom of movement
  • Easy-care and durable, Comprilan® can be washed and reused
  • 100% cotton bandage , cool and light, the open weave fabric allows the skin to breathe

Wrapping Technique:

Simple spiral bandaging technique is ideal when managing venous leg ulcers.

1. Begin bandaging from the medial aspect at the Basal joint of the toes towards the lateral aspect of the foot.
2. Repeat Step 1 to secure bandage.
3. The bandage continues with a turn across the metatarsals.
4. Take the bandage over the lower heel and return over the metatarsals.
5. Take the next turn over the upper heel and Achilles Tendon continuing medially.
6. Cover the ankle by wrapping the bandage spirally.
7. Continue spiralling the bandage up the leg, overlapping each turn by half of the bandage width
8. Finish bandaging approximately two fingers width below the Tibial tuberosity.
9. If a second bandage is applied, it can start at the Basal joints or the ankle but should be spiraled in the opposite direction.

Please refer to the product label and/or package insert for full instructions on safe use of this product.

Fixation clip contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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Additional products that may be useful in the treatment and management of venous leg ulcers and lymphedema include Gelocast® and Primer unna boots, CompriFoam® Artiflex® Tricofix® and Isoband®.

Midtown Health offers a large selection of compression garments in a variety of styles and strengths. Please view our Compression Garment section.

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BSN-Jobst Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage 10cm x 10m