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Amoena Balance Delta Individual 2D Shaper 273B
Amoena Balance Delta Individual 2D Shaper 273B
Amoena Balance Delta Individual 2D Shaper 273B

Amoena Balance Delta Individual 2D Shaper 273B

Amoena Balance Delta Individual 2D Shaper 273B

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The Amoena Balance Delta 2D Shaper #273B was designed to wear after breast conserving surgery, lumpectomy, or breast reconstruction. This is the first Amoena Balance Shaper made with Comfort+ technology built into the breast form. This new technology is constantly absorbing and releasing heat, keeping you more comfortable than ever before. The moldable back layer adapts to uneven areas of the chest wall for a snug fit -- yet it is gentle to sensitive tissue. Amoena breast forms and symmetry shapers do not contain Latex. Sold individually.

  • Manufacturer: Amoena USA
  • Product Name: Balance Delta Individual 2D Symmetry Shaper
  • Style Number: 273B
  • MMO Product Number: amoena273b
  • Shape: Symmetrical Teardrop Shell
  • Fit: Full
  • Available Sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 (see sizing chart above)
  • Available Colors: Ivory Only
  • Packaging: One shaper in a storage box
Fitting Notes from Midtown Health's Certified Fitters:

The Balance Delta 2D Shaper #273B is ideal for:

  • Women going through the expander phase of reconstruction
  • After lumpectomy surgery when a woman is missing more than a cup size of breast tissue
  • Women who have experienced failed reconstructions
  • More volume than a 2D provides
  • Women who need comfort and temperature balance

Features of the Amoena Balance Delta Individual 2D Shaper #273B

  • Soft, moldable back layer adapts individually to the contours of the breast, enabling an even closer fit without pressure on the scar area
  • Ideal for women with an uneven chest wall or scar tissue
  • Firmer silicone on the cup side results in a natural shape regardless of the unevenness of the chest wall
  • Also ideal for the time before and during a breast reconstruction process
  • Improved wearing comfort and more pleasant skin sensation due to integrated Comfort+ temperature balancing material
  • Lightweight silicone on the cup side reduces overall weight


For 40 years, Amoena has focused its efforts on addressing the needs of women, especially those affected by breast cancer. As the breast care industry leader, the company is committed to designing collections that meet the most demanding standards for comfort, support and style. Its fashions and symmetry shapers help women feel beautiful, confident and supported in whatever they wear - from seductive lingerie to comfortable leisure wear. Amoena products reflect and celebrate women's boldness, bravery, inner strength and regained confidence. Other brands may offer more daring collections, but none are more courageous than Amoena.

Features and Benefits of the Amoena Individual Line of Breast Forms and Symmetry Shapers:

  • The soft moldable back layer adapts individually to an uneven chest wall for a close fit and added comfort
  • Molds gently to a woman's chest wall and fits snug as she moves
  • The back layer retains its shape when there is no movement
  • Front layer keeps a natural shape

Light breast forms offer the following benefits:

  • Weigh up to a third less than traditional breast forms of the same shape, offering exceptional comfort.
  • They help to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, and are therefore particularly beneficial for women with a large bust or who have been diagnosed with lymphedema following their breast surgery.
  • Ideal to wear for sports or any exercise
  • All Amoena light versions combine the advantages of the best fitting breast form with lightweight comfort.
Now with Comfort+

Due to the integration of temperature balancing material Amoena Individual offers:

  • More pleasant skin sensation
  • Pleasing skin sensation

Balance Symmetry Shapers from Amoena provide balance and symmetry where you need it most. Just slip the shaper into your favorite fashion bra wherever you need a more even fit, and then you can wear the bras and clothing styles you love with confidence.

Why choose Balance Symmetry Shapers?

  • To regain symmetry after breast conserving surgery
  • To balance naturally uneven breasts
  • When plastic surgery is not an option because of irradiated skin
  • As an enhancer during reconstruction
  • As an alternative to multiple surgeries
  • To adjust for weight gain or loss after reconstruction
  • To offset imbalance that results from the natural aging process

New 'A' thickness provides a thinner option, creating less bulk while maintaining the full shaper. 'B' thickness is the original shell and fits shallow to full shapes and covers most of the existing breast tissue.

For more information regarding the fit and segmentation of Amoena's Balance Shapers, please click here.

For more information regarding the progression of a woman's needs as she is gradually healing from breast surgery, please click here.

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Amoena's Balance Shapers are available in four different shapes to accommodate most needs.

Midtown Health has partnered with Amoena to offer a wide selection of post-surgical camisoles, pocketed bras, soft foam breast forms, silicone prostheses, and swimwear. In fact, we carry Amoena's entire product line along with products from the other top manufacturers: Trulife, ABC, Jodee and Anita.

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Amoena Balance Delta Individual 2D Shaper 273B