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Amoena Contact 3E with Comfort+ Breast Form 386
Amoena Contact 3E with Comfort+ Breast Form 386
Amoena Contact 3E with Comfort+ Breast Form 386
Amoena Contact 3E with Comfort+ Breast Form 386

Amoena Contact 3E with Comfort+ Breast Form 386

Amoena Contact 3E with Comfort+ Breast Form 386

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The Amoena Contact 3E "Extra" with Comfort+ Style #386 attaches to the body with a medical grade silicone adhesive back layer. The pearl beads create a secure bond to the body allowing the user to wear the form with regular bras. The Comfort+ technology absorbs excess body heat and reduces perspiration during a rise in body temperature. It stays securely attached, moving with you just like a natural breast. This genuine Amoena Contact 3E "Extra" Breast form has an asymmetrical triangle shape which means the forms are molded to fit the Left or Right side, each having a unique shape.

Fitters' Notes #1: The shape of an Amoena Extra breast form is very similar to a standard asymmetrical form; except that the extended portion that goes under the arm is not as elongated. This type of breast prosthesis is indicated for women whose breast surgery did not remove all of the axillary nodes and there is still considerable tissue remaining under the arm.

Fitters' Notes #2: If you have recently undergone surgery and/or radiation therapy, your skin may be extremely sensitive. Therefore, we do not recommend self-adhesive breast forms prior to follow-up treatment once skin has completely healed.

For hygenic reasons, due to the adhesive nature
of this product, Contact breast forms cannot be
returned or exchanged. Please order carefully.

  • Manufacturer: Amoena
  • Product Name: Contact with Comfort+ 3E Breast Form
  • Style Number: 386
  • MMO Product Number: amoena386
  • Available Colors: Ivory Only
  • Shape: Asymmetrical Triangle
  • Fit: Full
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Packaging: One Contact Breast Form as well as:
    • Two 30mL bottles of Soft Cleanser
    • One 10mL tube of Skin Balance Gel Cream
    • Six Skin Preparation Tonic Cleansing Wipes
    • One Soft Brush
    • One Back Pad
    • Two protective Foils
    • An instruction guide
  • Available Sizes: 1-14
  • Side: Select Left or Right

Fitters' Notes: If you have recently undergone surgery and/or radiation therapy, your skin may be extremely sensitive. Therefore, we do not recommend self-adhesive breast forms prior to follow-up treatment once skin has completely healed.

The Amoena Contact 3E with Comfort+ Style #386 replaces the Amoena Contact Style #521. This breast prosthesis has a Full profile, which means that there is more fullness above the nipple.

Amoena Contact attachable breast forms are even more comfortable to wear with a unique and innovative design that includes new Comfort+ technology.

  • Look and feel natural with soft silicone front layer and new super-soft outer film that feels like cashmere.
  • Attachable features provides a more natural weight distribution for a feeling of less weight.
  • Stay at a constant, comfortable body temperature longer with new Comfort+. The pearlescent temperature-equalizing layer absorbs excess body heat which reduces perspiration behind the form.
  • Enjoy the attachable confidence of the Pearl adhesive combined with Comfort+ technology--youÍll feel an even more secure adhesion.

Important note:

Skin that has recently undergone surgery and radiation therapy is extremely sensitive. Therefore, we recommend self-adhesive breast forms only after follow-up treatment.

Features of the Amoena Contact 3E Breast Form #386

  • Attaches to the skin and moves with the body
  • Stays in place with every movement
  • Relieves pressure on the shoulders - especially important for women with lymphedema or a larger bust
  • Easy wear and care
  • Provides more freedom in clothing choices like low cut-dresses
  • Gives a woman more security and self-confidence

Save Even More! Two Breast Form Set Only $642.96

Midtown Health offers the Amoena Contact Comfort+ 3E Breast Form 386 in a two form set. Enjoy additional savings off our already deeply discounted prices. The second breast prosthesis is only $304.56! To receive the two form set pricing, simply Add to Cart, change the quantity from "1" to "2" and press UPDATE.

For hygenic reasons, due to the adhesive nature
of this product, Contact breast forms cannot be
returned or exchanged. Please order carefully.

Information about the Outlast® technology used in Amoena Contact+ Breast Forms

Outlast® was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature fluctuations. Today Outlast® brings comfort to the life of millions of citizens on Earth and has been awarded with the prestigious seal of approval Certified Space Technology.

Outlast® materials will keep you more comfortable by absorbing excess body heat when you create too much and releasing it when you need it most.

  • More comfort
  • Less overheating
  • Less chill
  • Less sweating
  • Active temperature regulation

Everybody's sensitivity to temperature changes is different, which means everyone sweats or becomes chilled at different rates; quickly or slowly. But the temperature corridor in which we feel comfortable is relatively narrow: when the body core temperature of 98.6°F fluctuates only 3.6°F upwards or downwards we are subject to fever or hypothermia. Here Outlast® products help. They reduce temperature swings and influence the comfort zone efficiently. The microclimate is well balanced, one sweats less and is less chilled. You feel not to hot, not too cold, but just right.

Contact Form Care Instructions:
Amoena breast forms are incredibly resilient and are designed to stand up to the normal everyday demands place upon them. If cared for correctly, your breast form should last you for many years. However, take care not to puncture your breast form with sharp objects, such as pins or pet claws, as repair is not possible. Use of talcum powder and body lotions on or around your breast form should also be avoided.

  • 1. Sprinkle soft cleanser on to the dry adhesive surface, wet the special brush with water
  • 2. Scrub hard with the special brush, applying pressure, for about 3 minutes.
  • 3. Rinse with plenty of water.
  • 4. Allow to dry naturally or with a hair dryer on a low temperature setting.


For 40 years, Amoena has focused its efforts on addressing the needs of women, especially those affected by breast cancer. As the breast care industry leader, the company is committed to designing collections that meet the most demanding standards for comfort, support and style. Its fashions and symmetry shapers help women feel beautiful, confident and supported in whatever they wear - from seductive lingerie to comfortable leisure wear. Amoena products reflect and celebrate women's boldness, bravery, inner strength and regained confidence. Other brands may offer more daring collections, but none are more courageous than Amoena.

Amoena manufactures its products under strict regulations, in accordance with ISO 9001, this guarantees top product quality.

The Amoena breast forms are made from two materials that are soft on the skin: Silicone and PU Film.

Silicone und PU-Film:
Silicone is produced synthetically from the natural raw materials sand and coal and is therefore a natural product. It offers various advantages: silicone is kind to the skin, soft, water-repellent and very risistant to both chemicals and heat. This means that the breast forms adapt quickly to body temperature. Amoena develops and produces all its silicone gel itself. They are mixed from silicone raw materials and their quality is carefully checked.

The name PU Film refers to an extremely hard-wearing, high performance film that closely resembles the skin in softness and suppleness. Intensive tests have shown that the film causes no allergic reactions or skin irritation. With this gossamer-thin but hard-wearing film, the silicone breast form is very gentle on the skin and body.

Amoena's light-weight and flow breast forms are now covered in a SuperSoft film. This new, finely textured film has a natural silky look that is soft to the touch and is extremely flexible.

Adhesive materials:
The adhesive surface on the inside of the Amoena Contact breast form is made from adhesive silicone. With excellent skin compatibility test results, adhesive silicone has long been used in medical practice.

Design and Development:
The Amoena Design and Sizing Laboratory develops innovative product solutions that Amoena then has tested by the women affected. Their experience is built into the subsequent series production.

It has always been Amoena's philosophy that only women who have undergone breast surgery know best what the ideal breast form should do and how it should feel.

Amoena therefore relies on close cooperation with women who have undergone breast surgery and works in partnership with over one hundred women who test our products before they are launched onto the market. "Only by working together can we find the best solutions to the problems women face following breast surgery", says Monika Petermann, who is responsible for the development of breast forms at Amoena. She has extensive knowledge of the breast form market and worked as a consultant in a medical products store for 13 years. "The needs of our customers are changing constantly, so we must keep moving on to enable us to perfect the breast form designs of the future", she says. She analyses the experiences of our test wearers and keeps in close contact with the medical professionals who fit our products.

Although the women involved in Amoena's test groups are all from different walks of life, they are united in one idea. They want to use their experience to do something for other women so that in the future others are spared the problems they themselves experienced following their surgery.

Amoena's Quality & Environmental Policy:
Amoena provides a better quality of life for women following breast surgery. Amoena believes in quality - quality in all products and business processes. It is our wish to improve the quality of life for these women- without impairing the quality of life of others. Therefore we commit ourselves to act responsibly and anticipatory in environmental business contexts.

We define quality as innovative and reliable products and effective processes meeting the needs of internal and external customers and thus increasing our customer satisfaction.

Quality, environmental protection and the continual improvements are the responsibility of all employees. Therefore, we aim to:

  • continually improve quality and environmental sustainability based on customer requirements
  • continually improve the effectiveness of our quality and environmental management system based on internal measurements
  • establish and continuously review quality and environmental objectives
  • optimize our daily operations regarding quality and environment
  • take precautions to prevent impacts on quality and environment when developing new products, technologies and business areas.
  • make quality and environment a key element in relevant management decisions
  • educate and involve employees, customers, suppliers, society and shareholders and exchange knowledge regarding quality and environment.

To View Our Breast Prosthesis Guide, Please Click Here:
(How to Choose a Breast Prothesis)

We at MidtownHealthOnline.com are dedicated to finding the perfect mastectomy products for our customers and we believe in and stand by all of the products we offer. With a dedication to quality and comfort, we only offer products that pass our own rigorous standards and have been backed by many industry insiders including our professional fitters as well as our customers' feedback and testimonials. We do not offer products that we ourselves would not buy and believe in setting the standard in quality and reliability in the women's healthcare industry.

To speak to one of our caring, experienced Certified Fitters at MidtownHealthOnline.com call 1-866-774-9513.

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Returns and Exchanges:
IMPORTANT NOTICE: For hygenic reasons, due to the adhesive nature of this product, Contact breast forms cannot be returned or exchanged. Please order carefully.

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While we cannot administer medical advice, our Customer Service Team members are available to assist you with the ordering of any mastectomy garment or other medical supplies. We have trained mastectomy fitters available to help you with your order.Our toll-free number is 1-866-774-9513 Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST (7:00 am to 3:00 pm PST / 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST). If you prefer to correspond by email, our address is support@midtownhealthonline.com.

If you like this Amoena breast form, you may also like:

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  • Designed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery: a balanced and secure fit
  • Offers a pleasant feel and appearance

Amoena Natura Series:

  • Most natural look and feel
  • Designed to drape like a natural breast so that it moves with the body even flattening when lying down
  • Comfort+ material integrated into the silicone further reduces perspiration by equalizing the temperature behind the form

Amoena Energy Series with Comfort+:

  • Unique 3-dimensional pearl surface on the back allows air to flow freely behind the form, increasing air ventilation and moisture evaporation
  • Comfort+ material integrated into the silicone further reduces perspiration by equalizing the temperature behind the form
  • Ideal for women experiencing excessive heat and perspiration problems resulting from hormone suppression therapy, hot flashes/menopause and high-intensity exercise

Amoena Contact Series:

  • Adheres directly to the skin and moves with the body, staying in place with every movement
  • Wearing the breast form attached relieves pressure on the shoulders and provides a sense of lighter weight, especially helpful with lymphedema or a larger bust
  • Easy wear and care, daily care recommended for best adhesion
  • Provides more freedom in clothing choices like those with lower necklines
  • Packaged with sample sizes of Skin and Form Care products and Soft Brush
  • Length of time adhesion lasts varies for each woman and depends on the care of the form; thorough and regular care is essential

Amoena offers several accessories to enhance the comfort and length of wear of breast forms such as a soft brush and gentle cleanser.

Midtown Health has partnered with Amoena to offer a wide selection of post-surgical camisoles, pocketed bras, soft foam breast forms, silicone prostheses, and swimwear. In fact, we carry Amoena's entire product line along with products from the other top manufacturers: Trulife, ABC, Jodee and Anita.

Lindi Skin care products were specially designed for people undergoing cancer treatment. Lindi Skin products are just as effective for people with sensitive or dry skin. Made with the finest ingredients, Lindi products provide ultimate hydration.

Other Mastectomy Products and Accessories that may be found at MidtownHealthOnline.com include: nipples, partials, enhancers, shapers, breast form covers, pads, cleansers, extenders, creams, adhesives, compression bras and sleeves / gauntlets, scar treatments.

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Product Reviews

Amoena Contact 3E with Comfort+ Breast Form 386
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Fort Worth
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very clear
June 17, 2016
This is an excellent item.

Panhandle of Idaho
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice attachable prosthesis.
May 26, 2015
Have had three of these int he last five years. This one did not seem to stick as well though. You cannot find anything better out there so far. Always makes me break out a bit after wearing for a day, and keep wishing something would improve that. Fits well in my bras and swim suits.
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See review