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Anita Maternity BabySherpa Support Belt 1702
Anita Maternity BabySherpa Support Belt 1702
Anita Maternity BabySherpa Support Belt 1702
Anita Maternity BabySherpa Support Belt 1702
Anita Maternity BabySherpa Support Belt 1702

Anita Maternity BabySherpa Support Belt 1702

Anita Maternity BabySherpa Support Belt 1702

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Relieve your back pain with the Anita Maternity BabySherpa®, an effective support aid that will reduce strain on the tummy and back from your growing belly and shifting of your center of gravity. When worn during pregnancy, it helps the tummy regain its shape after birth, too. It is designed to be worn outside your outer clothing and fits perfectly and comfortably when you are walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. It is quickly and easily put on and taken off and freely adjustable with Velcro fastener for it to grow-with-you. The BabySherpa is constructed of a breathable, cotton outer material with a great compressive, rubber inner material. The cotton layer is kind to the skin while the resilient rubber adds needed support. Now with stylish sequin heart decoration. Materials: Cotton, Elastodiene, Viscose. Available Colors: Black, Olive. Available Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large.

NOTICE: This item has been discontinued. Sizes remaining are listed in the Select Size and Color box. Additional sizes or quantities may no longer be ordered.

  • Manufacturer: Anita International
  • Product Name: Maternity BabySherpa Support Belt
  • Style Number: 1702
  • MMO Product Number: anita1702
  • Available Colors: Black, Olive
  • Available Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials: 45% Cotton, 30% Viscose, 25% Elastodiene
  • Packaging: One Belt
Features of BabySherpa® 1702:
  • Supportive belt to prevent back and lumbar pain
  • All-round support relieves back pain and feelings of pressure and tension in the pelvic and abdominal areas
  • When worn during pregnancy, helps tummy regain shape after birth
  • Fully adjustable grow-with-you expanding abdominal section with tummy and back support
  • Stylishly decorated with sequin heart
  • Freely adjustable with Velcro-type fastener
  • Breathable fabric which is kind to skin (cotton)
  • Very good compression effect due to resilience (natural rubber)
  • Can be quickly and easily put on and taken off as it is worn over clothes
  • Fits perfectly when walking, standing, sitting, or lying
  • Materials: 45% Cotton, 30% Viscose, 25% Elastodiene
  • Available Colors: Black, Olive
  • Available Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large
You are Expecting a Baby! Congratulations!

A very exciting time lies ahead, which means you will have special requirements and wishes.

Back pain is one of the most frequent and severe complaints during pregnancy. During pregnancy the back is subjected to a great deal of strain, as the weight of the unborn child increasingly presses on the pelvis and spine. The growing abdomen shifts the center of gravity of the body which essentially becomes front-heavy. To compensate for this effect, many pregnant women lean backwards and this results in a hollow lower back. This constant incorrect posture puts a strain on the back muscles and the frequent consequence is back pain. In addition, the back has to carry considerably more body weight during pregnancy.

Prevention is Best

With an appropriate training and exercise program that strengthens the back muscles, pain, and tension can be avoided from the outset. Special maternity exercise classes and aqua-gymnastics are especially helpful. Many expectant mothers find relief from back pain with a support aid.

The Anita® Support Principle for Tummy and Back

As well as strengthening the muscles, maternity suport belts result in a noticeable reduction in the strain on the tummy and back. Both the Anita Maternity BabyBelt® and BabySherpa® adapt perfectly to the increasing girth of the tummy with their simple, fully adjustable Velcro-type fasteners. The BabyBelt® is concealed under outer clothing while the BabySherpa® is worn on top of clothing as a modern accessory.

Clinical tests of the Anita® Support Principle have shown that back and abdominal pain can be significantly reduced with the use of an Anita support aid. In addition, the tummy, if supported during pregnancy with the BabyBelt® or BabySherpa® is helped to regain its former shape more quickly after the birth.

The Anita® Support Principle

  • Effective aid to prevent lumbar and back pain and pelvic pain
  • Expanding abdominal section with tummy and back support
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off
  • Fully adjustable; fits perfectly when standing, sitting, or resting

Clinical test of the Anita® Support Principle (University Clinic, Frankfurt/Main):

  • 100% of the women in the trial complained of back pain
  • 96% reported feelings of pressure and tension in the pelvic and abdominal areas
  • 60% reported aching pelvic pain

Wearing an Anita Maternity Support Belt resulted in:

  • Backache reduced in 82%
  • Feelings of pressure and tension in the pelvic and abdominal areas reduced in 93%
  • Incidence of aching pelvic pains reduced in 93%

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Before and after the birth of your baby, your needs will be very different as your body goes through many changes.

Midtown Health has partnered with Anita Maternity to carry their collection which offers a wide range of thoughtfully designed, attractive lingerie with these changing needs in mind. It includes grow-with-you maternity wear, pretty and practical nursing bras, swimwear, special garments for help in relieving strain on the tummy and back, and figure-shaping panty girdles for wearing after the birth. Carefully selected materials and Anita's attention to design and tailoring satisfy the highest of demands. Good looks, a comfortable fit even in the larger sizes and practical details will give you a sense of wellbeing and help you to enjoy this important time in your life.

Back pain is one of the most frequent and severe complaints during pregnancy. Wearing an Anita Maternity support belt, such as BabyBelt® Maternity Belt 1700 or BabySherpa® 1701, may reduce back pain, feelings of pressure and tension in the pelvic and abdominal areas, and aching pelvic pains.

Enjoy a relaxing beach holiday with the sun's warmth on your tummy before baby arrives in appealing, pretty swimwear from Anita Maternity. Cleverly styled one and two piece swimsuits are made of soft, quick-drying high-tech fabrics that ensure a perfect fit throughout pregnancy by effectively supporting the bust and tummy as they grow, while providing adequate freedom of movement

Anita Maternity wear is designed to grow with you, and its outstanding level of comfort helps to ensure that your body feels well and supported throughout your pregnancy. The bras mold perfectly to your body's changing contours and give you the level of support you need.

Special Anita Maternity bras provide optimum support. During the first few months of pregnancy, conventional bras are normally sufficient. However, these generally become too small after the third month. Then, ideally from the fourth month onwards, an Anita Maternity bra should be worn, as it expands along with the growing breast, providing sufficient support and room to grow throughout pregnancy. In this way stretch marks and changes in the breast shape can be prevented, or at least, minimized.

Midtown Health has long been a leader in providing compression garments. Leg swelling and discomfort are common problems in pregnancy and can cause long term effects that worsen later in life. The compression in compression socks and stockings graduates in intensity from the ankles up with the greatest pressure at the ankles where swelling occurs and where your veins are the weakest due to gravity. Medically accurate graduated compression therapy stockings push dilated vein walls back into place, enabling veins to close properly and function more efficiently. The result is increased blood flow which, in turn, significantly reduces leg swelling, pain, fatigue and the risk of blood clot formation. The Sigvaris Maternity Cotton Sock and Mediven's selection of Maternity Pantyhose are specially designed for the mom-to-be.

For the nursing mom, breasts are often not only enlarged but also hard, full, painful, and sensitive. Anita Maternity has several styles of nursing bras that provide optimum support, and excellent fit, and features increasing comfort and ease-of-use even while holding your baby in one arm.

For the full figure woman, the Goddess Keira Nursing Bra 6092, is available in Sizes 36-46, Cup Sizes DD-N.

Midtown Health offers a new product, Nearly Me Tender Touch Silicone Nipple Covers. These unique thin, self-adhesive silicone pads help reduce dryness and cracked nipples.

Another great product is the C-Panty™. The C-Panty™ Classic Incision Care is a pull-on everyday panty designed to be worn following a C-section to minimize scarring, swelling, sensitivity, and tenderness.

The C-Panty Slimmer for All Moms is a panty that provides moderate compression for all postpartum mothers from early recovery until pre-baby mom is back. It is helpful for control of fluid retention, focused uterine support, and easy non-bulky slimming.

Midtown Health is pleased to carry Belli Skincare products. Belli supports expectant and new mothers through this changing time by providing soothing, balanced skin products that pamper and protect. Their collections - Belli Pregnancy, Belli Motherhood and Belli Baby - address the specific needs of each stage, with thoughtful attention to the safest formulations.

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