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C-Panty FAQ

What is C-Panty?

C-Panty, The After Cesarean Underwear™ is underwear specifically designed to address post-Cesarean concerns including scarring, swelling, sensitivity and discomfort.

How does C-Panty work?

C-Panty uses a compression and silicone panel localized to the incision area in order to minimize scar formation, promote comfort and provide incision area body shaping and compression. Silicone, commonly used in burn and other post-surgical rehab, helps retain surface moisture in the incision area. Compression discourages swelling, assists in organizing collagen formation and provides support to the area. These techniques, often called scar management, also help to address the pain, itching, discomfort and scar volume during recovery.*

When can I start using C-Panty?

You need to wait until the surface wound is healed (no scab remaining), about a week or you can cover the silicone panel with a pad or panty liner and begin use as tolerated. As with any post-surgical product, get your doctor's ok.

How long can I benefit from C-Panty?

Although the surface incision is healed, changes go on under the skin much longer. Ideally, most people benefit with daily use and when use begins within the first month and lasts three to six months. Heavier scars or keloids can benefit from longer use. C-Panty uses washable silicone that lasts up to a year with proper care (handle as a delicate with no machine drying).

What about abdominal binders and compression panties?

Abdominal binders support the tummy, not the incision area. Support panties provide all over compression leaving the weakest point, the incision area, unchecked. Both often provide too much pressure for the sensitive recovery period. C-Panty's patent pending design provides gentle, focused compression at the incision thus effecting recovery symptoms. Also, neither binders nor compression panties provide the crucial clinical benefit of the skin contact silicone. C-Panty provides recovery care and post-baby shaping without the bulk and on/off of a binder and without too tight control panties.

I don't really care about my scar but I have other symptoms. Can C-Panty help?

Incision care of silicone and compression not only addresses scar appearance but itching, pain and sensitivity. The compression helps to control swelling which in turn helps comfort. Both provide support for a weakened area, again promoting comfort.

My incision is well healed now, but that shelf!!!

The great cosmetic byproduct of the application of compression is the support and flattening of the "c-shelf" or bulge around the incision. Yippie! Slide on those light weight fabrics and jeans! Those with a mature, flat scar but a persistent "C-bulge" may want to check out our Incision Shaper line of C-Panty products.

"Won't I heal without C-Panty?"

Healing is a biologic process that happens no matter what we do, but we can help it along. We put bandages on our kid's cuts, ice on their bumps. Dad's ankle sprain gets a wrap and our BFF gets a compression garment after her tummy-tuck. Scarring, swelling, tenderness and surgical recovery, however, are a reality for 1.3 million C-section moms annually. Now we have C-Panty. You're taking great care of your baby...don't forget to take care of yourself.

* De Oliveira, V., et al.: Silicone versus nonsilicone gel dressings: a controlled trial. Dermatol Surg. 2001 Aug; 27(8): 721-6