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>Tena Incontinence Line Attributes:

Comfort and Dignity for the Wearer
Quality absorbent products are specifically designed to manage the loss of bladder and bowel control while helping maintain your loved oneÍs need for comfort, dignity and safety.

Fewer skin problems, especially for those seated or lying down for long periods
Low performance products made of cotton fluff, or feminine hygiene products, are not effective in the management of moderate to heavier levels of incontinence. Using them can result in leaks, uncomfortable dampness and possible skin irritation.

Higher Absorption Rate
Specialty products contain super absorbent polymers that quickly absorb and neutralize urine.

Odor neutralizers for freshness you can trust
High performance products can retain large volumes of urine, prevent leakage, control bacterial growth and eliminate odor.

Cost Savings
High quality products can offer a cost-saving advantage, because you do not need to use as many.

Quality of Life
Increased effectiveness means uninterrupted sleep and fewer accidents, which will improve the quality of life for your loved one and make for a more pleasant caregiving experience.

Tena Classic Plus Adult Briefs
Tena Classic Plus Adult Briefs$64.50

Four Sizes Available
Moderate to Heavy
Tena Super Adult Briefs Home Page
Tena Super Adult Briefs Home Pagestarting at $67.00
Use for Extended Wear, Heavy or Overnight Protection
Tena Ultra Adult Briefs
Tena Ultra Adult Briefs$69.95

More Absorbent than Tena Classic Plus
Available in 4 Sizes