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Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe (30-40 mmHg)
Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe (30-40 mmHg)
Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe (30-40 mmHg)
Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe (30-40 mmHg)
Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe (30-40 mmHg)
Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe (30-40 mmHg)

Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe (30-40 mmHg)

Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe (30-40 mmHg)

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Jobst UltraSheer Open Toe Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band 30-40 mmHg Compression Stockings feature unparalleled sheerness for stylish leg therapy. Available in several sizes, the Jobst UltraSheer allows medical therapy to be fashionable and sheer without sacrificing durability. Jobst Advanced Comfort gives stockings a light and cool feel for year round wearing compliance. The soft yarn construction makes Ultrasheer easier to put on and take off. Machine washable. Follow manufacturer's instructions. 1 pair per box.

  • Manufacturer: Jobst - BSN Medical Inc.
  • Product Name: UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band (Open Toe)
  • Product Number: See option drop down box
  • Style: Thigh High
  • Compression Strength: 30-40 mmHg (The mean compression for an average ankle size.)
  • Foot Style: Open Toe
  • Lengths*: Regular
  • Available Sizes*: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Available Colors: Natural
  • Fiber Contents: 56% Nylon, 34% Spandex/Elasthan 10% Silicone
  • Packaging: 1 pair per box

*The UltraSheer Thigh High 30-40 is also available in additional styles, such as with Silicone Lace Band in Regular and Petite Lengths and with a Closed Toe. See the Jobst UltraSheer section page for the links to these products.

Notes from our Certified Fitters:
Always contact your physician and/or therapist to determine the correct compression strength for your condition.

Additional Information Provided by the Manufacturer:

UltraSheer compression hosiery looks and feels too good to be therapy.

When redesigning UltraSheer, we did extensive market research with existing patients to ensure we kept all the attributes they loved about UltraSheer. We found that patients truly enjoyed their existing UltraSheer, but were delighted to have enhanced comfort. The end result is we feel that the new and improved UltraSheer...Looks and Feels too Good to Be Therapy

  • Unparalleled Sheerness
  • Brilliant Colors
  • Durability
  • More Comfort
  • Softer
  • Cooler
  • Easier to Don

Beautifully sheer

  • JOBST UltraSheer are beautifully sheer and lightweight medical compression hosiery that provides a stylish look. The unique use of uncovered spandex inlay yards, tightly wrapped knitting yarns and open stitches in the weave make it the sheerest stocking in its class.

    JOBST UltraSheer are the ideal combination of therapeutic efficacy and fashionable appearance.


  • The high tenacity nylon knitting yarns make JOBST UltraSheer remarkably durable and long lasting.


  • JOBST Advanced Comfort® gives stocking a light and cool feel for year round wearing compliance. With our leading edge 3-dimensional knitting techniques and advanced yarns, JOBST UltraSheer exhibits high stretch capabilities. The result is a more comfortable fabric on the skin and an expanded potential to fit more body sizes while delivering the intended compression.

    Encourages compliance

  • With its beautiful sheerness and the variety of styles and colors to choose from, patients will want to wear JOBST UltraSheer. A silicone blend softener allows for easier donning and provides a soft and silky touch.


  • Six new brilliant colors allows medical therapy to be fashionable.


  • The soft yarn construction makes UltraSheer easier to put on and take off.

    Care instructions:
    Machine washable in lukewarm water. Do not bleach, tumble dry, dry clean or iron.

    Measuring for Jobst Compression Stockings:

    When to take measurements:
    It is important that the edema is at its most reduced state. Most often this is found first thing in the morning or at the end of treatment.

    How to take length measurements:
    Length measurements should be taken from each circumference. It is recommended that you mark the leg with a non-permanent, non-toxic marker at each circumference measurement made.

    The length measurement is then taken even with the floor, along the inside of the leg, up to each circumference point.

    About Leg Health:

    Many factors contribute to the overall health of our legs: heredity, weight, age, diet and activity level. But it's the internal function of the legs that also plays an important role: calf muscles, arteries, veins, and vein valves--the internal highway of blood and oxygen flow.

    Your Circulation:
    The flow of blood in the veins is assisted by a series of one-way valves. The valves remain open when the blood flows toward the heart, and then closed after blood passes through. Over time, an increase in pressure can stretch the vein walls. If a vein becomes enlarged and over-stretched the valves cannot close properly, causing blood to leak back down into the lower legs, resulting in poor circulation.

    If this happens you may begin to develop symptoms, such as:

    • Heavy, tired, aching legs
    • Swollen legs and/or ankles
    • Sensation of warmth in the legs
    • Tingling or cramping of the legs
    • Dull or sharp pain in the calf
    • Small varicose veins and spider veins

    Using Compression Therapy:
    Graduated compression stockings and socks are important to leg health. They help minimize muscle aches, swelling, and symptoms of fatigue. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle will strengthen your legs, but wearing graduated compression stockings or socks will support the internal function of the veins.

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    While we cannot administer medical advice, our Customer Service Team members are available to assist you with the ordering of any compression garment or other medical supplies.Our toll-free number is 1-866-774-9513 Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST (7:00 am to 3:00 pm PST / 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST). If you prefer to correspond by email, our address is support@midtownhealthonline.com.

    We recommend that donning gloves always be worn when applying your compression garments. These gloves have a gripping texture that makes it considerably easier to put on compression hose. Donning gloves also help to prevent tearing, snagging or putting a nail or finger through the garment. This is especially true with the sheer compression hosiery. Other people prefer to use a donning aid like the Juzo Slippie Gator or the Homecraft Compression Stocking Aid.

    Don't forget the Jolastic Wash to help ensure your hosiery last for 4-6 months.

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    Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High with Silicone Dot Band Open Toe 30-40 mmHg